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the center of culture & arts uniting past and present. welcome to samrye culture &arts village!(sam-sam-yea-yea-mee mee)

Samrye region is the biggest "Post Town" of Honam province, and a base where Samnam boulevard and Tongyoung boulevard were crossing together in Chosun Dynasty, and has a great historical significance. We would like to achieve meaningful progress for both region and residents by adding boundless cultural and artistic potentials to this valuable Samrye railway station.

Therefore, by creating this art complex which used valuable cultural resources, we will not only secure tourism competitiveness of Wanju city, but also provide leisure and relaxation area to resident and offer passionate cultural space where youth and mediation are coexisted to visitors.

Culture is the power enriching our lives, and town culture is an important factor of pleasant and happy community. Samrye Culture & Arts Village, where the vitality of youth and mediation of culture are coexisted, will advance as a cultural seed with community cultural promotion project utilizing various cultural support of Wanju city, and become a very important starting point to make happier and promising community.

We shall do our best to make Samrye Culture & Arts Village to turn itself into the culture and arts center where people can communicate and harmonize through culture and arts.

Thank you.

Sam-Sam-Yea-Yea-Mee Mee Cooperative Association
Tae Ho Kim


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